Technology and Development

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10 years ago, smart phones were a new fangled device and self-driving cars were still a dream. As we move forward in a rapidly changing world, what things would you like to change about our county? Do you value a diversified economy? Should we pursue technological advancements? Is sustainable development a factor?


I'd love to see improved access to internet services and improved cell coverage throughout the County. I live in the south part of the County and, due to poor lines of site and no towers available through the County's program, am unable to get internet access. My neighbours, who are able to get access, find that their service is very poor in the evenings and on weekends and is often unavailable due to outages (this is not specific to any one provider). I'd love to have access to fibre, which I feel would be a more reliable option but the infrastructure isn't in my area yet. It'd be great if the County would help and support companies to expand the fibre infrastructure or increase the number of towers. I feel access to internet is crucial in today's world and I'd like to see more and more reliable options available to residents and businesses.

23 August 2017 - 5:10pm

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