From 2006-2011, the County of Grande Prairie experienced a 30 per cent rise in population, resulting in an increase of over 5,200 new residents (2011 Federal Census). The County continues to grow at a steady rate. More recently, the economic landscape of Alberta has also changed, and many Albertan's now view diversifying the economy as essential. In response to these changes, the County is preparing a Growth and Economic Development Strategy (the "Strategy") that will guide growth in the area and ensure the County's economy is sustainable, socially responsible, and diversified.


What is a Growth and Economic Development Strategy?

A Growth and Economic Development Strategy is a plan that can be approved and adopted by Council that provides a roadmap for attracting new investment and ensures long-term and sustainable growth. The Growth and Economic Development Strategy also provides a framework for how land in the County can best be utilized to create additional economic opportunities for area. The primary objectives of the Strategy include:
- Understanding the current status of the County with respect to land usage and infrastructure.
- Understanding the prevailing economic and social considerations.
- Understanding the current drivers and inhibitors of growth within the County and neighbouring communities.
- Identifying actions that will provide greater opportunity for the development of existing communities within the County.
- Gathering input and feedback in conjunction with other County initiatives including the Upper Peace Regional Plan under the Provincial Land Use Framework.
- Developing an implementation plan that includes a list of actions required to lead the County towards greater economic sustainability.

Who will provide input into the Strategy?


The Growth and Economic Development Strategy will play a role in how everyone in the County lives, works, and plays over the next 50 years. All residents and interested parties will have the opportunity to provide their input into this once-in-a-generation plan.

What is the timeline for the Strategy?

The County of Grande Prairie Growth and Economic Development Strategy project will begin in the Fall of 2016. Community engagement and input gathering will begin shortly after the launch, and interested parties will be able to participate and provide feedback throughout the course of the project. New concepts, updates, and other information will be developed throughout the Winter of 2016 and Spring of 2017. County Council will consider adopting the Growth and Economic Development Strategy at the end of 2017.



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